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Own bathroom for the tenant
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Conditions for seasonal lease flats contracts
Security deposit: 2 months of rent as a deposit.
Rent: The rent should be paid monthly in advance.
Administration fee based on the length of the contract: 1 month contract 60.00€/person, 2 month contract 118.00€/person, contracts longer than 2 months 200.00€/person. VAT included in the prices.
Expenses deposit for rent a room: There is a deposit for the expenditures to be paid monthly in advance. The cost of this deposit will range between 40.00€ and 100.00€/person, depending on the room.
Cleaning: The landlord may charge you for the cleaning service expenses after your departure if the flat is not in the same conditions of cleaning as it was upon your arrival. Cleaning service may cost about 12.00€/hour.
Extension of a contract: If you wish to extend your lease contract, the fee for an extension is 106.00€/person. The fee for extensions of a contract for up to 1 month is 53.00€/person.

The description and photographs shown are indicative, not contractual, as the appearance of the apartment at check-in time can differ by the will of the owner in details regarding the images here shown, without incurring substantial alterations of the conditions agreed.