How does it work?

Resa Housing is a university accommodation service that offers flats and rooms in Barcelona (capital and province) and Girona. It was established in 2002 by Catalan universities for students (undergraduate, master's and Erasmus), researchers and professors who, for reasons of study, internships or research, have to move to Barcelona or Girona.

Resa Housing offers the following benefits when renting a flat or a room, with the guarantee of the BCU (Barcelona Centre Universitari) and Resa, a leading company in the university accommodation sector in Spain since 1992.

  • Your accommodation will be added to our pool of flats and rooms.
  • Commercial dissemination through the website, by telephone or in person at our offices.
  • We arrange and accompany visits.
  • Management of rental agreements.

Advertise your property

To register a property you must have signed up as an owner. Fill in the following form to register a property:

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