About us

Resa Housing is an online platform for booking accommodation for the university community (students, teachers, researchers etc.)

We are convinced that renting a room or flat should be an easy and safe experience for owners and tenants. We offer an extensive range of rooms, apartments and homestays with all the guarantees of quality, safety and hygiene. Fully furnished and equipped, with certificate of occupancy and registered services (electricity, water, gas ...). Ready to move in.

Resa Housing is also the university accommodation service of the BCU(Barcelona Centre Universitari). This body is the official service of the universities and researchers centers of Barcelona and offers free advice to move to live and study in Barcelona

Resa Housing is part of the company Resa (Residencias de Estudiantes, S.A.), which in addition to this service, manages 35 student residences in Spain, in agreement with the main universities in the country.

Discover how simple and safe it is to rent your new home with Resa Housing.

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