Rooms in shared flats

If you are a student, a teacher, a researcher, etc. Resa Housing offers an extensive selection of flats, apartments and studios for rent in Barcelona and Girona.

The rooms can be rented for a short terms and payslip or bank guarantees are not needed; the only thing needed is a document attesting that you are a student, a teacher or a researcher at a university in the province of  Barcelona or Girona.

All the shared flats for rent are offered fully furnished and equipped with all services on (i.e. water, electricity), and meet all guarantees of safety and hygiene.

Resa Housing is responsible for managing the contract, which is for the whole apartment, comprising in the lease the data of all the people who live there.

The only costs are:

  • Our intermediary fees, which vary depending on the duration of the contract (price starting from 60€ and up to 200 € /person). The fee is paid only if you decide to contract an accommodation (service of visits to the accommodation(s) and information and advising are free of charge).
  • The security deposit is one month of rent in contracts up to three months. Two months of rent will be required in contracts longer than three months.

For more information, check the terms and conditions to contract a room in a shared apartment.

Resa Housing also offers the following services: